How GRC experts can skill up in an innovative way

How GRC experts can skill up in an innovative way

Journalist Sydney J. Harris said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  

I cannot agree more.

When you stand in front of a mirror, the only things you see are your reflection and a limited area around you.  However, when you look outside a window, the view can be almost endless.

It often happens to me that, after acquiring some pieces of info that I was missing, all of a sudden everything is clear.

Not only I understand the situation better, but I am also able to come up with better solutions.

I see this happening every time during coaching sessions. As a coach, I provide additional information and a different angle, and all of a sudden, my coaches get unstacked…and find a way to move forward.

So how GRC professionals can easily skill up their knowledge?

Enter GRC House.

GRC House is a new initiative in the Governance Risk and Compliance space which will launch next month. (Check it out on Instagram!)

It is an innovative platform that provides GRC professionals with the opportunity to continue their education by accessing high quality customized content on-demand.

I have been asked to join this initiative by, Felipe Dal Belo, who is an experienced GRC executive and board member.

I know how strongly Felipe believes in continuous education. That’s part of the reasons why I decided to personally contribute to this project as a tutor and join a great team of highly qualified professionals.

This is the first time that I talk about an initiative I am part of and I believe that it is important that I share why I decided to join it:

  1. I believe in education and GROWTH (personally and professionally).
  2. GRC House offers a SMART and INNOVATIVE way to learn: entirely on-demand, interactive and highly customized to your needs.
  3. Tutors are HIGHLY QUALIFIED GRC executives and they provide a superior quality of information.
  4. You choose the FORMAT of information that you digest best. Multiple formats are available from video lessons to live classes, from infographics to 1-2-1 tutoring sessions.
  5. It allows solving YOUR everyday professional challenges.  Anyone can book an hour consultation with an expert on any topic and receive customized tutoring to help to solve your specific challenge.
  6. You pay only for what you REALLY need as the content is entirely on-demand.
  7. It’s a GLOBAL platform. This means that you can find GRC expertise that is related to local markets (and professionals who speak your language).
  8. It allows GRC experts like you to share their knowledge too! (and generate a very flexible source of income)

In this episode of Internal Control Talks, I talk with Felipe about:

  • How GRC House can help you to learn and stay competitive in this new digitalized era
  • How GRC House can help you in your daily professional challenges
  • How the idea of creating GRC House came together
  • How you can share your skills as a tutor and be paid for it

Watch the episode NOW – and learn how you can take advantage of this new platform to skill up in an innovative way.

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