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4 Reasons Why I Loved “The Culture Map”

I received “The culture map” by Erin Meyer as a Christmas gift, and I finished it in a matter of days.

Yes, it is THAT good and entertaining!

Indeed, this is not the first book which talks about cultural differences and their impact, but this is like no others: super-practical, full of examples and actionable points… especially for internal control professionals who work daily with stakeholders from all over the world.

Being aware of cultural differences and, more importantly, being able to work effectively with people with different cultural backgrounds is so important to achieve our professional objectives.

And in this interconnected business world, it’s sometimes easy to assume that, just because we all speak English when it comes to business, we also share the same perspective on things.

BIG MISTAKE! Our personal perspective is highly influenced by our culture and other cultures we have been exposed to.

…And when people with very different cultures are part of the same team, working effectively together becomes even more challenging.

So, how can this book help you to be more effective while working with colleagues from all over the world?

In this episode I will share:

  • 4 reasons why I loved the book and you will too,
  • How the cultural map can help you to quickly identify similarities and differences in culture,
  • How you can leverage the information from the book to maximize your effectiveness in multi-cultural environments,
  • How you can assess your own culture and compare it against the other cultures.

Watch the episode NOW – and learn how to work more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.

We would love to hear your experience of working in multi-cultural business contexts.

Which challenges do you face when working with people from cultures different from yours?

Which strategies do you adopt to be effective when working with people from different cultural backgrounds?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Your experience might help other internal control professionals to be more effective in achieving their objectives in multi-cultural business contexts.

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