Internal Control Products

Would you like to SHORTCUT your Internal Control implementation?

Internal Control Implementation Kit

The Internal Control Implementation Kit is your TURN-KEY solution. It includes the 37 MUST-HAVE templates to jump-start your Internal Control Implementation.

These Word and Excel templates are EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE and ALREADY FILLED IN for you:

  • Internal Control over Financial Reporting Frameworks covering key risks over 10 core business processes.
  • Compliant with the COSO and COBIT Frameworks.
  • 23 Process Procedures and forms covering 11 core business processes for FASTER process documentation.
  • 8 Risks & Controls templates for easier documentation, reporting and project management.
  • A READY-MADE Segregation of Duties analysis covering 10 processes.

What if you could write process procedures  IN MINUTES?

Process procedures kit

The Process Procedure Kit includes 23 procedures and forms covering 11 core business processes. From the Purchase-to-Pay to the Financial Reporting Process. From the Payroll to the Inventory Process.

These templates can be EASILY ADAPTED to your business:

  • They include a few variations of the same process to account for both manual and automated processes for QUICKER TAILORING.
  • They are in Excel and Word for EASIER use.
  • They cover all key risks and controls.
  • Procedures are complemented by forms for easier DAILY USE. From fixed asset to purchase order forms. From new vendor to expense forms.

What if you could have a complete but short database of internal controls ALREADY DONE for you?

Internal control Frameworks

Our Internal Control Frameworks are READY-TO-USE frameworks which include:

  • Risks and Control Descriptions, and Testing Procedures which explain you STEP-BY-STEP how to test the controls.
  • Internal Control Frameworks covering both Operational and Entity-Level Controls.
  • A comprehensive Segregation of Duties Matrix covering 173 key duties over 10 core business processes. 
  • They are in Excel format for EASIER CUSTOMIZATION.
  • They are in line with the COSO and COBIT Frameworks.

Do you want to deliver Internal Control projects LIKE A SUPERSTAR?

Internal COntrol Tools

Our Internal Control Toos package includes:

  • An EASY TO FILL implementation plan for effective project management.
  • Internal Control Policies, incuding Internal Control Medthodology, to ensure consistency of controls evaluation.
  • Reporting templates to provide strategic information on risks & controls to management.
  • 6 Internal Control Dashboards to impress the Board.
  • All tools are in Excel or Word format for EASIER CUSTOMIZATION.