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How To Make Your Dispersed Control Team Effective

In these last few days, a lot of us became part of remote-working teams because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us were already used to this way of working, for others it’s a new challenge.

If you were already working within a geographically dispersed team even before COVID-19, you know that work effectively with teammates spread across different locations can be challenging.

Regardless of whether it is an “exceptional” or a “standard” situation for you, establishing an effective interaction with colleagues located somewhere else creates a number of challenges.

Face to face interaction is very limited…or totally absent.

Felling like a part of a team it’s difficult…

Coordinating effectively the team workload is challenging…

Given the recent evolutions of COVID-19, it is likely that we will be self-quarantined in our homes for a while. And maybe, even when we will go “back to normal”, it would be a “new normal” which might involve more working from home than before.

So, how can you be more effective while working within a team dispersed in different locations?

In this episode I will share:

  • 8 ways to connect a geographically dispersed team, 
  • How you can leverage technology to connect dispersed teams,
  • Common mistakes to avoid when building a multi-location team.

Watch the episode NOW – and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your multi-location (or working-from-home) team.

We would love to hear your experience of working within a dispersed team.

Which challenges do you face when working with (or managing) colleagues based somewhere else in the world?

Which strategies do you adopt to be effective?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Your experience might help other internal control professionals to be more effective in working with geographically dispersed teams.

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