Engage stakeholders on internal control

How To Effectively Engage Stakeholders on Internal Control

I still have to meet an internal control professional who is not facing any challenge in engaging stakeholders from time to time.

As an internal control consultant, I get the following questions ALL THE TIME:

…“How do I engage stakeholders with a tick-the-box approach to internal controls?”

…“What can I do to make process owners implement internal control recommendations?”

…“How do I engage stakeholders within a culture different from mine?”

Getting people to cooperate with you is the most challenging part of our job… yet, it is necessary if we want to deliver massive value to the companies we are working for.

So…what can you do to engage stakeholders effectively?

Yes – I get it. Sometimes you feel like you tried EVERY possible approach.

Especially in these moments, it is essential to take the time to step back, reflect and brainstorm a new approach.

In this episode of Internal Control Talks, I interviewed Vera Cherepanova, an experienced compliance and ethics professional, writer and sought-after speaker.

She has achieved amazing results in engaging stakeholders within a wide range of cultures on compliance and controls programs.

In the interview, Vera dives deep into:

  • The approach she uses to effectively engage stakeholders on compliance & internal control programs
  • How she achieved 95% implementation ratio of internal control recommendations
  • Top tips to effectively engage stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds
  • Consulting vs. in-house careers in controls and compliance
  • Why Vera loves her compliance job
  • How she sees the future of risk, controls and compliance profession. SPOILER ALERT – she loves watching the space of Artificial Intelligence…

 Watch the episode NOW – and learn new ways to engage stakeholders more effectively.

Now, we would love to hear from you.

Which part of our conversation resonate most with you and why?

What can you do to engage stakeholders more effectively?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Your experience might help other internal control professionals have a meaningful breakthrough on new ways they can try to engage stakeholders effectively.

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