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Personal Branding for Internal Control Professionals: How to communicate in line with your personal brand

A few years back, a new senior manager was hired by the company I was working for.

He introduced himself to the team as a person who is very receptive to suggestions and a strong believer in the power of working together as a team.

The speech was well-received by the team who looked forward to a more interactive management style compared to the past.
However, the first team meeting left everyone confused.
It was structured pretty much as a monologue by the senior manager who did not stop talking for about an hour.
Finally, 5 minutes before the allocated time for the meeting, he asked the team if there were any questions or suggestions.
The first question was answered by the senior manager with a very brief answer and an irritated tone. The same with the second question. There were no other questions after the second one.

Something went wrong in the senior manager communication strategy.

He was trying to be perceived as a team player, however, he failed to align his communication style to his objective.
He wanted to build a personal brand based on being inclusive of other people opinions, but he didn’t allocate enough time to them.
He used an irritated tone of voice to answer questions which was a clear sign that any opinion different from his were not welcomed.

Did you ever find yourself in this situation?
It is confusing at the very best.
And you do not want to confuse people when it comes to building your personal brand.
Our brain loves coherence and finds mixed messages confusing and unsettling.

So, how to communicate in line with your personal brand?

In the second episode of this miniseries on personal branding for internal control professionals, we focus on how to use communication to reinforce personal branding:

  • Why communication is a strategic component of personal branding for internal control professionals.
  • How internal control professionals can leverage the three key types of communication to achieve their objectives.
  • The key questions to ask yourself to ensure that your communication style is in line with your personal branding.

Watch the episode now – and learn how to leverage your communication style to build your own personal brand and stand out as internal control professional.

Now, we would love to hear your experience in communicating in line with your personal brand.

Is your communication style aligned with your personal brand strategy?

Which steps can you take to be more effective in injecting your personal brand in your daily communications?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Your experience might help other internal control professionals to build their own personal brand and achieve their objectives.

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