act in line with your personal brand

Personal Branding for Internal Control Professionals: How to act in line with your personal brand

Have you ever heard the saying “we are judged by our actions, but we judge ourselves by our intention”?

It is so easy to fall in this trap in our everyday life.

Certainly, it happened to me.

The first day I came into our current neighbour, I remember I noticed that the grass of all the nearby gardens was freshly cut, except for one. I told my husband something like “I wonder why they do not cut the grass, shame that they do not care about the garden. Probably they are OK with living in a messy place.”

Fast forward few months, we moved in the neighbour, in a house with a garden.

I got so busy at work (and my husband was out for a long business trip) that we did not have the time to cut the grass. Every time I was going out of the house, I would make a mental note to ask some of the neighbour for some local gardener. But every day there was something more urgent and important to do then arranging for a gardener to tidy up our back yard.

The weeks were passing by and the garden was out of control.

One day, I passed by the house I made the comment about months before, and I realized that, compared to my garden, it was actually tidy! This realization made me smile as I caught myself judging the owner of that property by the actions while I was judging myself by the intentions.

That evening I looked online to find a gardener. Not only I did call and book garden maintenance, but I also enrolled in a regular garden maintenance plan. Because the reality is that I don’t feel great living in a messy and untidy place. And I don’t want to rely on me remembering (and having the time) to book the gardener to cut the grass whenever I need it. 

Coming back to internal controls, this little story was just to warn you not to make the mistake not to take actions towards your goal.

As an Internal control professional, taking concrete actions towards your intentions is key to ensure that your personal brand is effectively communicated.

So, how to act in line with your personal brand?

In the third episode of this miniseries on personal branding for internal control professionals, we focus on how to align your actions to your personal branding by:

  • Identifying which initiatives you can take to enhance your personal brand.
  • How to make sure you actually implement these initiatives.

Watch the episode now – and learn how to consistently act in line with your personal brand and stand out as internal control professional.

Now, we would love to hear your experience in communicating in line with your personal brand.

Are your actions aligned with your personal brand strategy?

Which steps can you take to inject your personal brand in your day-to-day decisions?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Your experience might help other internal control professionals to build their own personal brand and achieve their objectives.

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