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Do you want to deliver Internal Control projects LIKE A SUPERSTAR?

Without stressing about delays, wasting time fixing issues and collecting missing information...

Imagine running your internal control project smoothly and on time...and be praised by the Board for the outstanding job.

Is this you?

  • You need to implement internal controls and get the company SOX-ready.
  • You wrote process procedures for all the departments...but yours is long overdue because you dread the task!
  • You want to stand out at your next presentation in front of the Board and the Audit Committee...but you're not sure how to best present internal control KPIs.
  • Spending way too much time collecting missing information from your team just to put together a decent internal control report frustrated you.
  • Your team drives you nuts when each person uses different audit methodologies to assess controls.

You have two choices:

1) You can continue feeling OVERWHELMED,

POSTPONING writing internal control procedures,

WONDERING if your next presentation will impress the Board,

GOING BACK AND FORTH to collect missing information from your team,

WASTING HOURS explaining how the internal control department works to new hired. And trying to get everyone using the same testing methodology.


2) You DOWNLOAD the Internal Control Tools and:

  • gain TOTAL CONTROL over the project tasks and timelines,
  • finally TICK "write internal control policy" OFF YOUR TO-DO LIST,
  • BLOW AWAY the Board with a polished presentation, 
  • get COMPLETE INFORMATION from your team at the first time,
  • CUT IN HALF the time you spend training new team members,
  • NO MORE last-minute additional testing to fix mistakes in control testing.

Download the templates and you'll be in control of your internal control project again.

The Internal Control Tools package gives you all the documents, templates and dashboards which we developed in over 10+ years of Internal Control Projects.


These easy-to-use excel and word templates helped several internal control managers to:

  • run their internal control assessments smoothly,
  • collect all the required data,
  • summarize results effectively.
internal control tools 2
process procedures

Our 12 documents and dashboards cover all the different areas of the Internal Control process. From the assessment planning to the risk assessment. From establishing a control assessment methodology to reporting results.

Perfect for:

  • Efficient Internal Control Professionals who like to run their internal control activities effectively and stand out when presenting the work done. 
  • Finance Directors who need to quickly set up internal control functions and jump-start the internal control activities.
  • Consultants who are looking to save valuable time in delivering top-notch internal controls projects for their clients.

Inside the Internal Control Tools

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To clearly and quickly identify, assess and prioritize the company's risks.



To effectively record and to report the results of the controls assessment + any ineffective controls.



To document the Internal Control Function way to work + the control assessment methodology. 



To plan and keep track of the internal control assessment like a pro. 



To impress the Board and the Audit Committee when you present internal control KPIs. 



To feel confident in using each document included in the kit. We guide you step-by-step. 

My team is responsible to perform independent testing over internal controls across different countries. The team grew from 2 to 6 people in a short period of time and it's dispersed over 4 different countries. The documents have been extremely helpful to keep track of all the activities, to set up a common way to work and consistent performance indicators.

Tami G. - Audit Manager

Avoid unnecessary extra hours. Work smarter. 

Get the Internal Control Tools NOW.

£ 429

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Other than the procedures and forms included in this kit, do you have any other template that I can use for internal control purpose?

Yes - we have:

The Internal Control Implementation Kit to speed up your implementation project. Learn more HERE.

Internal Control Frameworks + Segregation of Duties Matrix for those looking for a ready-made risks & controls template and done-for-you analysis of conflicting tasks. Learn more HERE.

The Process Procedures Kit to quickly set up all the procedures to document business processes. Learn more HERE.

Work smarter. 

Start using the Internal Control TOOLS.

£ 429